How can I help?

Hi, I am a senior student in Core Process Psychotherapy working to help people (18 and above) cope with a variety of difficult experiences. These range from feeling:  


  • overwhelmed by stress at work, home or university

  • exhausted by a constant battle with negative thoughts and emotions

  • bereaved by the loss of, or separation from, a loved one

  • anxious or angry after illness, trauma or abuse

  • unsettled by a deep need or fear of change

My approach

Core Process Psychotherapy helps people connect with their body and mind and work towards easing the impact that stress, depression and anxiety can have on them. This combines Western psychotherapy and neurobiology with Eastern mindfulness practice. By bringing attention to emotions and sensations in the body and observing our thoughts (as opposed to believing everything we think is real) we can learn more about our deeply held beliefs, drives and defensive habits, and how they shape our daily experience and relationships with others.  

The benefits

The benefits of giving yourself regular time to explore your personal issues, with supportive guidance, can be profound. It can lead to greater self-awareness, acceptance and compassion; a calmer/more relaxed and balanced approach to life; and ultimately the freedom and confidence to fulfil your potential. It can help to release draining tension and emotions, assist in relieving pain, and improving sleep and underlying health. It may, over time, ease the burden of early childhood abuse or neglect, or reduce the impact of deep trauma.

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